ESG Data Management Platform With Automated Workflows Using AWS Services

Project Overview

The client required a cloud-based data management platform to facilitate data collection, validation, and integration with their ESG assessment platform. The data platform needed to be designed to gather ESG performance metrics from companies, adhering to standards such as GRI, SFDR/PAI, IRIS+, and SDGs.

About Client

The client assists investors in incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into their investment strategies. They provide ESG data and signals on listed companies, as well as analytical tools to interpret and integrate ESG factors into risk assessments, stock selection, performance monitoring, and engagement with issuers.

Business Requirements

  • Build a robust, cloud-based data management platform capable of handling data from thousands of companies for multiple clients, incorporating multiple taxonomies to facilitate comprehensive performance assessment.
  • Enable concurrent access for hundreds of users.
  • Provide customers with a unified view of curated data, with user-based access controls.
  • Support bulk data processing through Excel and JSON-based data exchange.
  • Develop a modernized infrastructure to achieve high availability, scalability, centralization, and ensure business continuity and disaster recovery for all governed data. Reduce data delivery latency compared to traditional data architectures.