Ensuring Functionality and Efficiency: Automation Testing Enhances Performance of Crypto Trading Platform

Project Overview

The application is an innovative new blockchain trading platform that operates on-premises and in the cloud. In addition to typical trading functions, the application features a native currency for trading purposes, a Liquidity Pool (LP) for lending facilities, and various widgets such as dashboards and analytics. It accommodates multiple users accessing different features, resulting in significant traffic.

About Client

Our client is a rapidly expanding crypto exchange and modern financial services firm dedicated to blockchain technology. Their platform enables users to trade their currencies for alt coins on an exchange with lightning-fast execution and a fully customizable interface.

Business Challenges

The application is innovative and relatively new in the market. Any performance or user experience issues would greatly dissatisfy the large user base. Functional and compatibility defects could disrupt application operations and result in significant financial losses due to the nature of trading.

Initially, the client relied on an in-house testing team to perform manual functional and regression tests. However, this approach proved time-consuming, and the lack of a dedicated QA center and standardized processes led to delayed releases. To address these challenges, the client engaged Indium to implement QA practices, accelerate testing cycles, and utilize resources with domain expertise.

The goals of the testing efforts included:

  • Ensuring the application can handle large transactions while maintaining standard uptime and responsiveness.
  • Testing all business scenarios, including various combinations of feature use and multiple user scenarios, to achieve comprehensive test coverage.
  • Automating tests for specific business scenarios optimizes the test life cycle and reduces manual effort.
  • Conducting usability and compatibility tests across different browsers.
  • By partnering with Indium, the client aimed to enhance the application’s reliability, performance, and user satisfaction while streamlining the testing process for faster and more efficient releases.