Enhanced Application Efficiency- Government Organization Achieves 50% Faster Response Time through Performance Testing

Project Overview

The core application under test consists of a web-based Centralized portal, Asset Management Application, and BI reports. It is utilized by over 500 users, who rely on it for around 50 business critical transactions related to maintaining railway coach details and the status of coach repairing services. The heavy usage of the application for daily operations puts a strain on its efficiency and responsiveness. Long wait times, delays, and service interruptions directly impact government operations. The client requested Performance Assessment and Capacity Planning for the application to address these issues, including load testing to ensure high availability and scalability during peak user loads. The application must maintain minimal latency and meet the accepted SLAs for performance.

About Client

The client is a government rail transport organization with large scale operations including passenger operations and coach maintenance management. The client handles operations using an integrated management system which produces real time insight into the state of operations with consistent and accurate reports.

Business Challenges

The performance testing of the application focused on three important aspects: scalability, capacity, and bandwidth.

  • The application and its modules were tested to handle 100% user load for 300 users.
  • The application was validated to scale up to 200% user load.
  • Bandwidth testing was conducted with 2Mbps to simulate real-world network conditions (WAN testing).
  • Server response time for each transaction was monitored to ensure compliance with SLAs.
  • One of the key challenges was meeting the operational SLAs for real-time scenarios.
  • User transaction time was targeted to be less than 3 seconds for 80% of transactions.
  • Response time for any given timeframe was kept below 8 seconds to meet performance expectations.