Empowering Data Security: Robust QA Process Yields 20% Higher Product Quality

Project Overview

The project aims to enhance testing and ensure high-quality software releases through a comprehensive solution. This involves designing test cases for regression, performance, and functional testing and evaluating product quality through load testing with multiple users. End-to-end functionalities are rigorously tested with each version release to ensure the proper functioning of new features. The project also focuses on optimizing infrastructure by configuring virtual server machines in the Azure Portal, reducing the reliance on physical machines. By implementing Indium Software’s best practices and providing round-the-clock service, the project increases onsite-offshore timing overlap and facilitates client verification through increased bandwidth speed for remote access.

Furthermore, weekend support is initiated to address any issues promptly. Knowledge transfer (KT) calls with the onsite QA team and active participation in developers’ SCRUM meetings ensure effective collaboration. Lastly, the project involves performing approximately 250 installations across multiple server and operating system combinations to guarantee application compatibility.

About Client

Our client is a leading Data Security solution provider. The technology provides a solution to protect any company’s data against data loss from internal and external attacks by encrypting the files, in the company network and in different cloud storage providers.

Business Challenges

  • Limited strategic direction for QA at an organizational level.
  • Configuration and validation of the application on multiple servers and operating systems.
  • Support is provided in the US time zone

The project includes testing across different test environments utilizing the latest cloud solutions.

  • Challenges include testing on multiple high-end servers and the need for end-to-end testing with complex test scenarios.
  • Continuous performance reports captured through Power BI.