Application Performance Engineering Leveraging Elasticsearch for a Global Supply Chain Company

Project Overview

To enhance the user experience in the existing website, the client required a system that could overcome slow indexing and search latency. The developed system leveraged Elasticsearch, replacing the existing Postgres database for most transactions, to overcome this issue. The product attributes were categorized into four indices and backend APIs executed in Dockers, to make the data retrieval process more efficient.

About Client

With an extensive global supply chain network, the client leveraged its depth of experience, market knowledge, and technology to help retail brands adapt to changing consumer and manufacturing trends.

The primary issue the client was facing was in page synchronization and search latency, on their website. The existing system’s data model was hindering the flexibility and performance.

Business Requirements

  • Enhance the data model to reduce the time lag and improve efficiency.
  • Improve the website data retrieval process incorporating better sync and faster search.
  • Enhance the system through performance tuning.