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Performance, Functional, Security and Compatibility Testing for your applications – at speed – powered by our intelligent test automation platform

With Indium, you’ll have a robust QA process embedded into your Waterfall, Agile, or DevOps lifecycle

In today’s world, software applications are constantly upgraded and new features are added on an ongoing basis. As these new features go live, it is the QA process that makes sure the performance, functionality, and security of the application are not compromised.

One of the biggest challenges in the QA life cycle is Test Data Management. To drive faster testing release cycles, the need of the hour is a Smart Test Automation platform, that’ll make it easy to generate test data, automate the process of compatibility testing, and reduce efforts related to script maintenance.

Over the last two decades, Indium has been the trusted QA partner for a wide range of enterprise customers around the world. We’ve served customers in financial services, banks, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and industrial, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical sectors. We drive continuous improvement of our test automation platform, and today with the power of intelligent testing, we’re able to drive agility and speed into the QA lifecycle.

The Indium Digital Assurance Framework

Build atop 22+ years of Quality Assurance expertise at its core, Indium’s Digital Assurance practice has evolved to address the needs of the digital ecosystem, infusing the best of QA practices into its Quality Engineering, Future Tech testing and Advisory services.

Quality Assurance - Key Capabilities

Indium has been a trusted QA Partner for the world’s leading companies – from Fortune 2000 companies to the fastest-growing startups.


Functional QA

Ensure functionality while enabling unprecedented levels of interactions between several modern microservices/API-first applicationsRead More »

Smart Test Automation

Powered by uphoriX, our Smart Test Platform, can enable upto 10x faster testing release cyclesRead More »

Performance Assurance

Ensuring responsiveness and stability of applications under various workloadsRead More »

Test Data Management

Improve agility, speed, compliance, governance, and security with robust test data management practicesRead More »

Business Value Chain Testing

A key component of our QA framework that is focused on helping enhance the business value of applicationsRead More »

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