Product Development

Today enterprises, start-ups, ISVs have several challenges to face. There is a great pressure to shorten product development services due to a slew of reasons including: cloud computing, subscription-based software pricing model, heightened competition, an avalanche of new technologies, and unforgiving nature of today’s connected customers. On the other hand, they are required to rapidly adopt cloud computing, SaaS and Social Media into their products/applications and migrate to the latest disruptive technology stack to out innovate competition, increase value proposition, access hitherto untapped markets, and provide enhanced omni channel customer experience.

Indium Software’s full stack development expertise leverages Big Data, Analytics, Data Visualization, Cloud, and IoT capabilities to provide integrated end-to-end services from Consulting, Solution Architecture, Design, Delivery, Optimization, and Maintenance.This helps our clients, regardless of their size and industry, to reduce time-to-market of their products/applications by as much as 30%. Our clients also realize huge time and cost savings, which they would have otherwise spent on hiring the right talent and/or on working with multiple vendors.


Our Approaches on Product Development Services

To help our customers meet stiff deadlines, demanding customers and need for innovation, Indium Software’s full stack development services take care of end-to-end development of both the front end and the back end. This process involves the three layers of – presentation layer or the front end; the business logic layer or the back end part that deals with data validation; and the database layer.

To be able to deliver an integrated product that is scalable and robust, some of the best practices include:

  • Deep engagement with the customer to understand the requirement, the objective and add value through our experience
  • Constant review for course correction and market relevance
  • Deploy a cross-functional team to complement and enhance capabilities and provide a well-rounded product
  • Milestone based approach to product development to get a sign off from the customer on completing predefined set of activities
  • Ensure quality through testing in parallel

By streamlining the development process, through constant reviews and engagement with the customer and mid-way course correction where required, Indium Software is able to deliver quality products on time and at competitive costs.

  • Technology Evaluation
  • Solution Architecture blueprint
  • Product/Application development
  • Deployment, Maintenance & Support
  • Consulting
    • Evaluation of objectives
    • Capability mapping of frameworks
    • Platform recommendation
  • Implementation
  • Customization as per requirement
  • Security, performance, localization testing to ensure prime performance
  • Post production support
  • Architecture Analysis
  • Platform reengineering
  • Technology and Data migration
  • Delivery, Support & Maintenance
  • Architecture Analysis and Design
  • Migration strategy
  • On-Premise to SaaS migration
  • Deployment, Maintenance & Support
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Profiling & Monitoring
  • Assessment and Planning
  • Database & Code migration to latest technology stack
  • Deployment, Maintenance & Support

Our Full Stack Development service offerings

Presentation Frameworks

AngularJS, Material UI, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSF, Node.js, React.js

Server Frameworks

Spring, Struts, JSP

Cloud Platforms

Google Apps Engine, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure

Persistence Frameworks

Hibernate, JPA

Application Servers

Apache Tomcat, WebLogic



E-commerce Platforms

Spree Commerce

Platform Based Testing

Mobile applications are accessed through mobile devices – cell phones or tablets which are of multiple screen sizes and carry different platforms. Web applications are accessed through various browsers, OS’s and screen resolutions.

There are plenty of tools available in the market and it’s difficult to decide and choose the right tools for platform-based testing. The First step is to consolidate the list of features and options according to the needs and requirements. The second step would be to design the comparison chart with multiple tools that will help analyze the features and usability.

Our expertise in platform-based testing tools are listed below:

Test Plant cross browser testing

Why Platform testing is Important?

Quality of Software is ultimately based on cross platform testing. Choice of platform is endless while developing a product for multiple platforms. Platform based testing is performed to determine the behaviour of the application and website in different environments.

Indium’s platform-based testing helps identify the issues related to usability, user interface, and consistency.

How Indium plans for platform based testing?

Select Platforms to support
Learn about the end user
Limit your test
Automation as an option
Invest in Emulator Software

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