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PCI DSS Compliance Testing Services

Last few decades have witnessed a technological revolution, that is resultant on wide spread usage of the internet, web technologies and their applications. Each company’s intention is to add /tighten the level of protection to the clients/users when they store, process and transmit the data of the card.

Organizations that transmit the credit card information face significant security risks. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was created to help these organizations secure their operating environments against hacking, credit card fraud and other security/penetration vulnerabilities.

Challenges in Emerging Technologies

When deploying payment applications in a live environment, security of the essential functionalities and infrastructure will be a pre-requisite. The cost impact of a security breach can be substantial and the time required to recover from a breach is significant.

Any company that fails to address the privacy and information security of the user will lose the goodwill. PCI DSS Compliance provides comprehensive suit for users’ credit card data.

Key objectives of Indium’s PCI DSS Security Testing Offerings

  • Define the strategy & framework for PCI Compliance for PCI software applications and devices
  • Creation of test-beds to ensure compliance with PCI DSS regulations
  • Continuous monitoring of emerging vulnerabilities
  • Test execution to ensure you are confident of your products security
  • PCI DSS Compliance Testing Framework Development & Execution
  • Vulnerability scanning, continuous monitoring and auditing
  • Security Compliance Certification of releases/patches
  • A repository of re-useable test artifacts, cases and scripts

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