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Indium Software is one of the leading Mobile App Development Company with extensive experience in mobile application development services. Indium’s app development experts and designers create interactive, user friendly applications with rich UX/ UI which not only provides great user experience, but also have the capabilities to develop both iOS and Android apps. Our development team is proficient in API integrations with progressive loading of the data handling layer, fast reloading with engaging experience, scaled lazy loading and search to provide user friendly experience on the UI, to name a few.

With over 20 years of experience in the QA industry, Indium has some of the best QA engineers in-house who can validate mobile applications developed across platforms.

Key areas of focus:

Apart from using the third-party frameworks, Indium’s Technical Architects specialize in leveraging their own standards, processes and best practices to custom build a framework from the ground up.

End-to-end mobile app development
Custom iOS/ Android OS Native app development
Publishing of the app in the Appstore/ play store in the timely manner

iOS app development services



Tools & Solutions

a. iOS development platforms

  • XCode

b. iOS app development frameworks

  • Core frameworks (uses Core Graphics and Core Animation)
  • AppKit
  • WatchKit (used for Apple smart watches)
  • TVMLKit and TVUIKit (used for Apple TV)
  • ARKit (used for Augmented Reality)

c. iOS development languages

  • objective c
  • Swift


Android Application Development Services

Phones | Wearables | Tablets | Android TV | Chrome OS | Android Auto

Tools & Solutions

a. Android development platforms

  • Android Studio
  • Android NDK (uses native code languages like C, C++)

b. Android app development components

  • Android Jetpack
  • Google Play Services
  • CameraX

c. Android development languages

  • Kotlin
  • Java

Cross platform Development languages (iOS and Android)

  • React native
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap (Html, CSS and JavaScript)

Indium’s Value Proposition for iOS and Android Development

Machine Learning, Analytics & AR

Interconnected devices at farm or in site level to extract, transform and interpret data to give functional and business insights.

  • Rendering of pre-generated dashboards and reports built using visualization tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik etc.
  • Integrated Event Tracking within the app for Analytics, using Mixpanel, Matomo, Google Analytics etc
  • Scalability to incorporate advanced analytics like Machine Learning (MLKit’s), NLP, Speech recognition etc.
  • Leveraging AR & VR content from within the app.

Image & Video Content

Stream and load as you go is better than wait and download, which occupies the internal memory. Leveraging both internal and external storage systems to render apps based on themes and images is one of our fortes.

  • Dynamic loading to enable pre-loading of the initial 20 seconds of a video.
  • Image compression while page rendering.
  • Progressive loading of content based on intelligent workflow design

Ad Content Placement

Context based ads without impacting the user experience and performance of the app. Ad filters based on age group of the people using the application to ensure age appropriateness is maintained and for better targeting of the right audiences.

  • Geolocation-based interactive content/ ad placement
  • Analytics-based placement

Location and Navigation

Map rendering from within the app along with the ability to overlay custom content on top of it enables users to go through a seamless experience without having to switch apps.

  • Map integration, using various map kits, to enable tracking, geotagging, geofencing etc.
  • Incorporate all the inherent map features within the app itself
  • Field maps with data, like accuweather etc. and custom maps within buildings and physical structures.

Interactive apps

Intuitive and interactive apps, especially for learning, enable the users to have a more meaningful engagement with the content.

  • Integration with modern interactive app platforms, like Unity 3D, Torque 3D etc.
  • Incorporate third-party platforms, like ecommerce SDKs, chatbots etc.
  • Distributed apps (DApps) leveraging the Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Connected Devices Apps, that can connect to Alexa, Google Echo, IoT devices etc.
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Cross-device syncing
  • Accessibility support

Security and Compliance

Integration of apps with payment gateways and other third-party APIs in a highly secure way to ensure customer data integrity.

  • Security prioritization by integrating encryption algorithms or leveraging device security features, like Face recognition, Fingerprint scanning etc.
  • Secure interfacing with external devices by using NFC, wireless networks etc.
  • Offline storage of content, for improved BCP compliance

APP Development Process

Mobile App Development Process

Mobile Application Testing

The quality of the mobile app should match the vision prior to development, this is what mobile app testing can help achieve. In Particular, security testing plays a vital role. The importance of mobile app security cannot be ignored as a lot is happening in the world of mobile application vulnerabilities including security vulnerabilities, Trojan viruses, data leaks and APT attacks.

Some of the challenges faced by enterprises in mobile app security are

  • Increased competition in terms of “Goto market” pressures, which reduces the QA cycles.
  • More & more usage of FOSS products in the development cycle, which does not guarantee the security aspects
  • Lack of security knowledge by developers.
  • Diminishing release team model, where nowadays Developers directly code in production.
  • Hackers are growing stronger and innovative day-by-day

Hence Mobile Apps needs to go thorough vulnerability scanning by a third party and a team that is different from the developers.

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