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MLOps Managed Services

Build infallible ML pipeline to deliver business value

Get the most out of your MLOps investments by automating your ML Lifecycle at scale, with Indium’s repeatable framework and powerful suite of pre-built MLOps solutions.

According to a survey by New Vantage Partners, only 15% firms have deployed ML capabilities in production, while for the others the path towards tangible business benefits from their ML investments is fraught with challenges.

With Indium, operationalize ML models with streamlined processes that amalgamates DevOps & DataOps approaches. Harness the power of repeatable frameworks that automates ML lifecycle, at scale.

What Keeps Organizations from Scaling and Industrializing ML Initiatives?

Longer time-to-market

The absence of standardized processes to prepare data, train, test, and deploy ML models increases the time to market.

Lack of Scalability

ML initiatives are too big and too complex for teams with niche skills to manage. Minus scalability, the very credibility of ML models is at stake.

ML Model Drift

As new data profiles and patterns emerge, retraining the model for version control is essential. Otherwise, accuracy plummets, leading to unreliable predictions.

Model Reproducibility Crisis

The inability to reproduce the same results with the same model, code, and data negatively impacts trust.

Indium’s MLOps Framework

With Indium’s prebuilt solutions, AWS Sagemaker, and Indium’s MLOps Managed Services, take complete control of your MLOps journey.

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