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Healthcare service delivery has undergone a world of change thanks to the use of technology. Right from greater efficiency in managing healthcare operations to improved treatment outcomes using patient-facing solutions, technological solutions have revolutionised the way the healthcare industry functions. Cloud, mobility and IOT along with Big Data have been at the forefront of this revolution, making innovation and timely treatment with stress on prevention possible.

Indium’s experience with the cutting edge technologies, its domain expertise and a team of technical experts have been key in upscaling our customers to the level of the industry best at competitive costs, quickly. Some of our core services for this segment are founded on:

Big Data Technology

Product Development for key Healthcare Services

Advanced Analytics

Artificial Learning/Machine Learning

Through these technologies, Indium helps its healthcare partners:

Track patient health indicators and offer preventive care

Do text and image analysis of reports and scans for accurate diagnosis

Enhance coordination between different disciplines for better decision support and quicker decision making

Improve overall operational efficiency

Compliance with the healthcare regulations

Protecting legacy investments by optimising them and synchronising with new web technologies

Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development



Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development

Life Sciences

Drug development is challenging at several levels. It needs long gestation periods, several rounds of trials, high budgets and, finally, accuracy since it deals with human lives. Regulated by stringent regulations, compliance is mandatory.

Indium solutions provide Life Sciences companies with better decision-support systems that help enhance product safety and compliance with shorter clinical runs to ensure quicker time to market.

Testing Healthcare Applications

Patient care is serious business and any error can not only affect business processes that would involve substantial costs to fix it, but also patient safety. Therefore, testing healthcare solutions for safety, performance, functionality, security and compliance are key for every healthcare service provider.

Indium focuses on some of the typical Life Sciences/Pharma applications such as Process Control Systems, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Clinical Trials, Clinical Data Warehousing Solutions, Electronic Data Capture System, Advanced Laboratory Testing, and Research Content Management Software. Our testing COE has a dedicated team of QA specialists with decades of combined experience in this space.

With extensive experience, we help top organizations implement a broad range of software validation and verification testing based on GAMP and cGMPs. Indium’s consultants use best practices in testing of IQ/OQ/PQ protocols and provide documentation on test scripts/results.

Indium experts also help regulated industries to comply with FDA regulations 21 CFR Part 11, Part 820 and Part 58 mandate to provide system assurance.

Testing the healthcare applications needs much expertise and effort in order to meet the increasing requirements for interoperability and regulatory compliance. Three indispensable areas that require testing include:

Interoperability issues between dissimilar legacy systems
Adherence to ever changing regulatory compliance
Making applications compatible with evolving technologies and protocols

Indium helps achieve this goal by:

Creating, managing and coordinating all regulatory needs in concurrence with compliances

Ensuring functional consistency across version upgrades, product enhancements and changes for compliance in the application

Integrating quality processes & compliance tasks

Providing extensive documentation and process improvement reports and templates

Creating and devicing testing strategies to address areas of non-compliance

Generating and publishing status reports on compliance activities on a regular interval

Indium’s Healthcare and Lifesciences Expertise

In compliance, our expertise spans across:





ICD 10

Testing Life Science Applications


Testing Domain Expertise

Testing Life Science Application

Indium’s Testing solution for Regulated Industries includes

Developing a software validation framework, test bed and test scripts. These include both UI and server-side (interface) testing

Risk Based assessment testing to ensure process compliance and better quality

Recommending enhancements to your current processes, systems and documentation to demonstrate compliance with GxP requirements and industry standards

Integrating quality processes and compliance tasks

Solution mapping to various compliance parameters

Providing extensive documentation and process improvement reports and templates

In addition to our broad range of services, Indium also provides jump start kits (Domain Expertise, Validation and Document templates) that address immediate requirements.

Indium’s Life Sciences / Pharma Expertise


Data Migration Testing


LIMS- Drug Development/Clinical Trials

Clinical Data Warehousing Solution

Electronic Data Capture System

Advanced Laboratory Testing

Research Content Management Software


FDA regulations 21 CFR Part 11, Part 820 and Part 58




ICD 10


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