Digitization has transformed the way educational books are being published, marketed and read. With the introduction of e-books, not only has the cost of production come down, but it has also improved sell-through rates and increased revenues. The readers too are able to benefit from richer digital user experience as well as personalized e-learning solutions for better content retention. The third pillar of publishing is real-time analytics, which has contributed to pushing relevant content to learning.

Along with these technological revolutions, regulations to prevent piracy and improve the quality of the books also require publishers to be compliant.

Indium Software, with its experience in educational publishing, analytics and compliance, offers services that help educational e-publishers leverage technology to benefit from digital transformation.

Indium Software’s Solutions

Indium Software two decades of experience in technology and domain have enabled it to

Integration: Our API platform service integrates data and processes of internal and external systems that coexist in a learning ecosystem through API enablement engineering and management service. Combined with API functional and performance testing service, we provide end-to-end services ensuring efficient Learning Management Services, e-portfolio, academic systems, institution portals, and customized course authoring platforms.

We also help the development of marketplace for education learning applications, content, and tools. Our modular solutions for search, discovery, preview, adoption and purchase further enhance distribution and revenue models.

Analytics: Education analytics service from Indium Software includes big data development and implementation service, tracking metadata, learner activities and usage statistics as well as data visualization service for instructors and students for customizing content better and improving learning outcomes.

Mobility Solutions: Learning can happen anytime, anywhere due to device and communication technology proliferation. Indium Software leverages mLearning technologies to render customized and interactive education content; ensure compatibility to different device requirements; tracking and monitor usage for insightful analytics, and render SDK for mobiles.

Compliance: E-publishing is in its early stages of development and has to conform to standards, ensuring compatibility with multiple formats, accessibility, and personalization. Indium Software ensures this through:

Functionality testing
Accessibility and compliance testing
Performance testing
DevOps and continuous integration practices

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