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DevOps Services

Build faster. Test faster. Deploy faster. Glide from code-to-
capabilities with automated DevOps practices.

Convert code into capability at speeds demanded by your customers.

The standard practices to convert code into capability has enough roadblocks consuming high IT resource bandwidth.

Modern DevOps practices smoothens this journey with policies and practices that enables business, development and operations
teams to adopt an iterative
and continuous delivery

operations teams to adopt an iterative and continuous delivery approach.

Indium’s automated DevOps
practices help customers set up this environment so that businesses can see more of new capabilities.

DevOps Services

Indium provides a comprehensive set of DevOps services with a clear objective of increasing high quality throughput of new capabilities.

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While the multitude of DevOps roles, capabilities and processes jockeying for position as the pillar of DevOps success, the hidden hand that connects and makes DevOps a reality is the “organization’s mindset”.

The Indium DevOps Approach

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