Descriptive Analytics

History teaches us how to predict the future. Historical data can help forecast future trends and needs detailed analysis, called descriptive analytics.

Answering the question “What has happened?”, Indium Software develops tools that can present the data in a format best suited for the relationship between the variables to be best understood. It uses key performance indicators to drill down and uncover patterns such as periodicity of events, cost of operations and root cause analysis of failures.

Indium Software's Approach To Descriptive Analysis Helps

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    Increase asset reliability

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    Reduce effort and inventory costs

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    Control asset failures

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    Assess maintenance costs

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    Generate ad hoc and standard reports based on need and criticality

Indium Software’s Service Offerings For Descriptive Analytics Include:

Exploratory Descriptive Analytics involving preliminary exploration of a data set prior to rigorous analyses. A form of data profiling, it helps assess data consistency as well as formatting discrepancies, if any. Giving insight into the variations, relationships, and patterns in the data, Indium Software leverages this analytics to design the subsequent analyses for culling insights that can help in better decision making.

Once the nature of the data is established, Focused Descriptive Analytics is designed to extract answers specific to business requirements.

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