Data Annotation Services

If a model were to be trained with bad-quality data, how can you expect accurate results?

Indium Software data annotation services

Indium Software’s data annotation services provide the best-in-class solution for all your training data requirements. Our proven track record, AI enablement, technology expertise and scalable workforce help build high-quality annotations from disparate datasets.

Our machine learning-based data annotation solutions address the modern challenge of generating quality ground truth dataset, which is essential to the success of any project or artificial intelligence model. At Indium, we believe that high-quality annotated and label data combined with machine learning delivers proper and accurate results. We have an experienced team of data scientists who collaborate with our customer’s hand-in-hand throughout the year to generate the desired output.

Indium uses advanced data labeling techniques such as supervised and unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning to power machine learning and to enhance training data quality.

We leverage AI-based labeling tools such as Labelme, CVAT and more to build, transform, train and test audio, image, video-based content, and other forms of unstructured data.

Annotations on Image, Audio, Video and Text!

Annotations on

Image and Video

Image Classification

Labeling of images in different classes; one label for each image.

Object Detection

Labeling of images in different classes with bounding boxes; multiple labels per image.

Semantic Segmentation

Labeling lasso boundaries of real-life objects; different boundaries for different classes of objects.

Instance Segmentation

Labeling lasso boundaries of real-life objects; different boundaries for different classes of objects; differentiate between different instances of same label.

3D Object detection

Draw a 3D bounding box around object of interest.

3D LIDAR Annotation

Tagging X, Y, Z coordinates for LIDAR models.

Document Extraction

Labeling tables of interest, pages of interest etc. to train a model to identify them.

Annotations on


Entity Detection

Entity detection

IOB tagging for multiple entities using GATE, Doccano and more to be used to train entity detection models.
Data Redaction

Document Redaction

IOB tagging for entity detection to be used for redaction.
Text Classification

Text Classification

Tag documents, articles under several pre-decided classes such as positive and negative sentiments.
Key phrase reduction

Keyphrase Detection

IOB tagging of keyphrases.
Marketing and Sales Analytics

Abstractive Text Summarization

Write paraphrase summaries of paragraphs so that model learns to summarize.

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Annotations on

Tabular Data

Classification Labeling

Label row of data with one class, examples being label ECG data with sleep stage.

Customer Churn

Labeling which customer has churned

Time Series Classification/Outlier Detection

Label outliers in time series data.

Annotations on


Key phrase reduction

Voice to Text

Listen and Transcribe audio samples for ASR model training.
Marketing and Sales Analytics

Voice Classification

Listen and label audio bytes in classes.
Indium Advantage

The Indium Advantage!

Indium has 2+ decades of experience delivering customer-centric solutions to Fortune 100 companies, global enterprises, and innovative product start-ups. We have served 350+ global clients across digital and QA.

We boast of solution accelerators, customer-centric systems and processes and IP-based solutions.

Accuracy with quality

Get Indium’s best-in-class services combining accuracy with quality in image annotation through stages of reviewing and auditing labelled data.

Build AI and Predictive models

Our experienced team of annotators know exactly the data that’s required for advanced analytics as they work closely with our data science teams who build AI and predictive models with different datasets.

Fully scalable

Indium provides a fully scalable data annotation solution with a quick turnaround time to fulfil our client’s unique needs and resolve their main issues. Our extended in-house workforce can annotate any volume of images as per client demand.


We are ISO 27001:2013 certified. We follow industry best practices to ensure safety and security of our clients while ensuring compliance with OWASP and security guidelines. We also address the customer’s additional security protocol requirements if any.

Our Domain Expertise

Indium’s data annotation service spans across several key sectors:

Healthcare and Life Sciences




Healthcare and Life Sciences



We deliver widespread applications across each of the abovementioned industries and offer a continuously evolving architecture depending on the latest industry trends and the research requirements. Our annotation formats cover wide-ranging technical and business use cases.

Examples of Data Annotation


  • Mark words containing names, skills, emails, degrees and more in a CV to train an entity detection model.
  • Mark words containing email, phone, TIN, etc. to be redacted from an invoice.


  • Mark a rectangular boundary around vehicles, traffic light, pedestrians and more to train a model to identify objects with their boundaries.
  • Mark non-rectangular/free flow boundaries around wires to find their length, slope and differentiate two different kind of wires.


  • Transcribe text from audio file manually for speech-to-text model training.

Tools Expertise

Indium has experience with:

  • Graphical user interface-based tools such as GATE, Doccano for text data
  • Labelme for image data
  • AutoML Vision API for images
  • We also have experience working with pre-trained models augmented for annotation