DevOps CI/CD Services

Create block-free code pipelines that ensure smooth value
stream – from development, integration, testing to deployment

DevOps emphasizes on adopting intuitive software, automated workflows, and a customizable infrastructure than can be constantly developed on. Digital transformation requires continuous integration by using CI/CD pipelines to make certain that delivery teams can move swifter and detect problems earlier.

Our experts help enhance your product’s quality in a shorter time frame by detecting bugs and incidents as they arise with our Continuous Delivery capabilities. Indium’s Continuous Monitoring Solutions, as a DevOps service, seamlessly streamlines every mission critical application deployed within Docker, Kubernetes, etc.


Our End-to-End CI/CD Capabilities


Continuous Testing

Continuous delivery enables faster and more frequent delivery of updates and fixes to provide deployment-ready build artifacts. Enable the same using cross-platform testing and parallel testing for 24/7 monitoring and bug fixes.

Continuous Integration

In order to achieve high-level cross-team collaboration, our CI experts use continuous integration tools like Jenkins, Bitbucket & Github to save time and increase operational efficiency.

Continuous Feedback System

CI/CD pipelines promotes a more close-knit team by encouraging continuous communication, enabling development and operational teams to work closely on priorities.

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