What is Software Testing Ultimate Guide for Beginners

What is Software Testing? Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Software Testing is a process used to measure the quality of a product or software. This process is used to check whether the actual results meet the expected results and the particular software is bug-free. During this process,…

8 important things to keep in mind while testing an eCommerce website

8 important things to keep in mind while testing an eCommerce website

We are living in the digital era, where Omni channel retail and seamless shopping experience are a necessity from a customer’s perspective. The retail industry in particular is accelerating towards integrating various sales channels in order to give…

Difference Between Regression Testing & Retesting

Many testing aspirants have difficulty in understanding the difference between what regression testing and retesting. In this blog, we are going to look into the key difference between these two types of testing. Also, we are going to…


E-Learning Testing

  Global E-Learning Market to Reach $325 billion by 2025 – Rapid Growth in Online Content & Digitization / Innovations in Wearable Technologies are Flourishing the E-learning Industry Nasdaq Indium Software


Cloud Testing to Mitigate Risk

Tech leaders are continuously adopting cloud IT strategies to leverage the profitable advantages that include speed, agility, scalability, accessibility, flexibility and innovation. Implementation of cloud computing is more and more being considered by organizations as the most suitable…

To Deliver Business Values, First “Understand”

Note of Thanks: Thanks to all who reads my blog. I am writing on “Requirement Analysis” based on the request I received from one of our associate. Hope this helps to understand the “Requirement Analysis” activities in detail….

Testing Federal Bank Application – A Success Story

Indium is one of the leading preferred QA partners for the home loan banks in the US. Indium Software has been one of the early birds in the testing space providing End to End Testing/QA Services across a…

Testing Health Care Application

Software application facilitates all aspects of healthcare operations. Failure of application could have an impact on patient care, affect business processes and cost to fix it could be substantial. Indium admin

Functional Testing Services

Find Defects before your customers do In today’s global economy, introducing newer software applications/products are critical for a business to retain and gain market share. Indium’s Outsourced Functional Testing Practice helps these businesses ensure the functionality, usability and…