AI & IoT Testing

Today, AI is taking innovation and functionality to another level altogether.

An AI application or an AI driven process or framework requires extensive testing to ensure an acceptable level of performance. The main focus would be on testing the accuracy of trained models. Indium’s AI testing is methodical and precise in approach.

Key Elements to AI testing

There are 4 key elements we consider in AI testing

Algorithmic test
Data creation and curation
Smart interaction testing
Core AI testing

Algorithmic test

This incorporates testing independent intellectual highlights, for example,

Natural Language processing
Image recognition
Deep learning
Optical character recognition

This procedure incorporates the tests for accuracy, review, true positives, true negatives, false positives and false negatives.

Testing picture acknowledgment through essential structures and highlights by contorting or obscuring the picture to decide the degree of picture acknowledgment. Test design acknowledgment is done as well.

Testing to perceive the character or words from printed, composed or cursive contents.

Testing to perceive the character or words from printed, composed or cursive contents.

Data creation and curation

The Data creation and curation part includes

  • Domain-specific data
  • Cleansing and identifying sample data sets
  • Contextual data clusters
  • Data de-noising
  • Data labelling

Smart interaction testing

At Indium, we provide smart interaction testing as follows


(Siri, Alexa, Google assistant)

Augmented reality

virtual reality

Core AI testing

Core AI testing at Indium includes a plethora of complete testing models which are listed below:

Human unbiased testing
Challenger model
Decision analysis
Deployment and accessibility testing
NFR testing
Location based User Do testing
Test Triangle (Unit service, UI)
White box and Black box testing
Model back testing

Test Sigma
Re Test

IoT Testing

Indium has built up a far-reaching quality confirmation technique to deal with interesting necessities and difficulties related with IoT applications. IoT testing ensures more prominent knowledge and authority over different interconnected IoT devices.

Types of IoT testing

IoT testing has many challenges starting with the different types of IoT devices to its diverse applications. Indium software ensures a comprehensive QA strategy is in place for IoT testing. We perform the following types of IoT testing.

Fluctuations occur from one client to another and the devices vary in size and configuration. The ease of use testing is significant in IoT testing. We ensure stated usability standards by testing the processing of data, display of data, pushing of job tasks and more.

The devices that are distinguished by software and equipment arrangements associated with IOT systems are checked for similarity. We test multiple aspects to ensure peak compatibility. We test on different generations of devices, communication modes, multiple operating system versions, browser types and respective versions, and more.

Reliability and Scalability is critical to construct an IOT test environment which includes reproduction of sensors by using virtualization of instruments

Indium’s data integrity testing checks that the information in the database is exact and works true to form within a given application.

This kind of testing is done by means of verification, information security control, etc. In IoT conditions, there are numerous clients getting enormous measures of information. Subsequently the security testing gives security check to flawed validation. Data can also be accessed or read while being transferred between IoT devices. We test if the data is protected/encrypted when transferred from one device to the other.

We ensure password protection is done wherever there is an UI.

Performance testing is performed to decide how a framework acts as far as its responsiveness and strength under a specific existing burden. Our testing ensures that the system performs the same in real-time scenarios even when data is propagated through many IoT devices.

We also test the devices to ensure optimum temperature, system usage and power usage. This kind of testing is critical to create and execute an IOT testing plan.

IoT testing tools


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