Power Apps

Turn your legacy applications into innovative solutions that evolve with your business!

Power Apps

Turn your legacy applications into innovative solutions that evolve with your business!

Empower agility and amplify decisions. Microsoft Power Platform has become the gold standard for rapid application development in the Microsoft ecosystem. Its suite of services – Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents – empowers organizations of all sizes to revolutionize operations. As a top-notch Power Platform partner, we know the ins and outs to create solutions that perfectly match your business needs and goals.

Boost your business with Indium's powerful solutions using the power platform.


Power app development services

We’ll craft bespoke applications tailored to your precise business needs, leveraging the platform’s low-code magic to accelerate development without complexity.

Power platform consulting

Our consulting experts are like your guides, showing you the valuable features of Power Platform and sharing practical insights to help boost your business.

Enterprise app development using power apps

Need an app that can handle tough situations? We’ll make it strong and smart, building reliable and flexible business apps that last a long time.

Portal and data-driven development

Want to make data accessible to everyone? We’ll create attractive portals and user-friendly hubs that make information easy to find and engaging.

Business process automation with power apps

Break free from the monotony of routine work. We’ll turn everyday tasks into automatic processes with Power Automate, helping you work faster.

Human-centric design (UX/UI)

We believe apps are more than code. Our design team crafts intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that delight users and drive engagement.

End-to-end solutions

From brainstorming to deployment, we’re your Power Platform partners every step of the way.

Why should you choose us?

Indium’s Power stack for Power Apps is how we make things work smoothly and quickly. It’s built on a strong Microsoft foundation with years of hands-on experience.

Power apps

So, do you want to jazz up your power apps? We've got you covered! We'll help you with custom components to make your power apps even more awesome and user-friendly.

Power virtual agents

Imagine having your own personal assistant. Well, we can make it happen! We'll switch up custom plug-ins to give your virtual agents extra skills and make interactions even cooler.

Power BI

We'll create custom connectors that act like magic bridges, smoothly bringing in data from outside sources. And guess what? Your data visualization is going to be top-notch, like turning boring data into a visual feast.

Power automate

Now, when it comes to automation in power automate, we're pulling out all the stops. We'll tap into Azure Logic Apps, adding some serious advanced automation and integration powers.

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