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    Padma Priya

Padma Priya

Grievance Officer


A visionary leader with 17+ years of extensive experience in Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Quality Management Systems (QMS), Padma Priya brings invaluable insights and strategic direction to our organization’s initiatives. As a leader deeply committed to excellence and innovation, she spearheads efforts to align our practices with industry best practices and regulatory frameworks.

Beginning her career at Polaris and Cognizant, Padma Priya has evolved into a driving force in our organization’s pursuit of key certifications and compliance standards. Her leadership has been instrumental in guiding us towards achieving milestones such as ISO 27001:2013 certification, seamlessly transitioning to the latest ISO 27001:2022 standards, attaining SOC 2 Type II certification, and meeting ESG standards. This journey from grassroots roles to leadership positions underscores her unwavering dedication and depth of experience in driving organizational excellence.

Beyond her professional achievements she embraces the roles of a devoted mother to two children and a supportive wife. Despite the demands of her career, she finds solace and joy in her passion for dance, exemplifying a well-rounded approach to life. Balancing family, career, and personal interests, she embodies the essence of modern leadership – a testament to her ability to excel in various facets of life simultaneously.

She is a designated Grievance Officer under the Information Technology Act in India, committed to promptly addressing complaints related to breach of confidential data, personal data including sensitive personal information, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory provision, and fostering a safer digital environment for all employees. She handles employees’ grievances with confidentially and with utmost professionalism, maintaining transparency and accountability in our digital operations upholding the digital ethics and safeguard employees’ interest.

In case of any breach of personal data/information or sensitive personal data/information*:

1. Complaint can be raised to the Grievance Officer for the breach at “padma.v@indiumsoft.com”

2. On the receipt of complaint, Grievance Officer will acknowledge receipt of the Complaint to the aggrieved party

3. Further, the Grievance Officer will take action within the defined timeline and resolve the matter.