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Indium Software’s IoT Analytics services empowers you to leverage your existing IoT device data to create dynamic, immersive and customized reports. We have worked with industries like manufacturing, consumer wearables, smart homes, smart electronics, automotive, telematics, weather forecasting etc.

While organizations are preparing themselves to become IoT ready, the road to IoT Analytics is fraught with challenges. Indium Software is a two-decade old company and has the expertise and experience to understand the client’s business, its data sources, existing infrastructure, IoT analytics requirements and design a suitable solution to provide insights that are relevant to meet.

Turn Data Into Action

IoT Analytics Service Offerings

IoT Data Ingestion into a platform

IoT Data Ingestion into a platform (Data Warehouse or Data Lake depending on data volume)

Data Refresh - Real-time or Near Real-time

Data Refresh – Real-time or Near Real-time

Data Processing

Data Processing – Aggregation, Transformation, Cleansing etc

Analytical Models

Analytical Models

Visualization Layer

Visualization Layer – Reports/Dashboards

Consumption Layers

Consumption Layers – Application or Dashboards

Benefits of our IoT Analytics as a Service

Customer experience optimization

Predictive care, Safety analytics, queue minimization and more

Product performance optimization

Traffic management, Predictive maintenance, Smart grid analytics and more

People process optimization

Smart assistance, Driver behavior modification, Route optimization and more

Operational efficiency

Energy utilization analytics, Infrastructure optimization, fuel consumption analytics and more

IoT Analytics Solutions from Indium

See how Indium’s IoT Analytics solutions can improve operational efficiency and optimize cost.

Indium’s IoT Analytics Process

We take care of the hurdles in the IoT analytics solutions implementation to allow your business to benefit from IoT insights at a macro level. We leverage our analytics expertise to take over the analytics bound tasks. Here is how we put our IoT analytics services into action:

  • Checking for
    IoT readiness
  • 01

Firstly, we assess your business goals and the level of analytics maturity that is existent. Based on the information gleaned, relevant analytics methods are chosen keeping in mind the feasibility and the possibility to improve strategic decision making. A detailed report with monitoring procedures, ascertained KPIs, SLAs and document service timings will be provided.

data preparation


data preparation

  • 02
  • Data quality assessment
    and data preparation

We analyze the available IoT data and metadata from various perspectives such as quality and structure to check for consistency, accuracy, completeness and auditability. This is done to check the analytics readiness. Our big data engineers ensure accuracy of the IoT analytics results by cleansing and reorganizing data that is erroneous, incomplete or has duplicate values.


  • Service
  • 03

We use diagnostic, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to detect hidden trends and dependencies in historical and streaming data to make predictions based on them. Our IoT analytics services also uncover root causes of past events. The insights gained through our analytics are presented via:

Ad hoc reports: This helps drill down on any parameter and allow for custom reports to be built on the fly.

Alerts: These alerts are based on predefined rules and are generated automatically.

Standard reports: A predefined range of parameters are set, on which insights are provided at regular intervals

data preparation

IoT Analytics Use cases

Cognitive RPA to the Rescue

Taxi fleet matching demand & supply

For a large SE Asian Taxi player, with a fleet size of about 23,000 spread over 61 depots, we leveraged Geospatial analytics using the Haversine formula to calculate distance between two points and divide the city into grids thereby increasing occupancy rates.

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Cognitive RPA to the Rescue

Detecting faulty windmills

Helped an Energy Consulting Company detect faulty wind turbines using the wind turbine sensor data transmitted with the help of Survival analysis and classification techniques like kNN, Neural Networks.

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Cognitive RPA to the Rescue

Predictive maintenance in the semi-conductor industry

Helped measure the efficiency of the wafer production for a semi-conductor manufacturer using algorithms such as Mahalanobis, Hotelings T2, tSNE.

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Cognitive RPA to the Rescue

Telematics solution in a connected car

Developed analytics to help car owners optimize their trips based on previous trips across multiple drivers, monitor driving behavior of their kid/ driver and their vehicle’s health.

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