Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics help to improve the quality of business decisions based on scientific insights.

Only 14 percent of companies launching digital transformations have seen sustained and material performance improvements – McKinsey Digital

Data engineering and analytics services ensure smooth and rapid movement of data – from its origin to places of consumption, with minimum distortion.

Organizations can make qualified, data-driven decisions for driving business outcomes including revenue generation, customer experience and operational efficiency.

With a ton of options available to perform this process, organizations are stumbling their way through their architectural decisions. And more often than not, the ‘obvious choice’ need not be the right choice for your business.

With deep expertise and vast experience, both in commercial and open source tools Indium can help you explore these options and make technology work to meet your unique data engineering and analytics needs.

Data Analytics

Data and Analytics Services

Simplify your data and analytics needs with services that focus on outcomes.


Data Engineering Solutions

Ensure maximum fluidity of your data, from origin to destination, with quality engineering practices.Read More »

BI & Data Modernization Solutions

Get your insights and visualization ready for making impactful decisions.Read More »

Data Analytics Solutions

Augment human decision making with machines for exploratory scenarios, with the right combination of powerful algorithms and techniques.Read More »

AI/ML Solutions

Obtain far reaching insights from your data, beyond what meets the human eye with intelligent machine learning services.Read More »

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Regardless of where organizations have currently positioned themselves in the COTS – Engineered solutions spectrum, the outlook remains the same

– the need to solve problems faster, with accurate insight, and add value to the customer in the fastest possible way.

Big Data and Analytics Solutions

Businesses now have the ability to make smart and fast decisions with the wide range of unstructured data available to them. Indium’s Big Data and Analytics Solutions helps organizations deliver the right insights at the right time.

Indium can solve business problems and aid decision making through a host of solutions like Advanced Analytics, Data Discovery and Visualization.

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