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Cloud Computing Services

The way businesses and public institutions use information technology is changing with the advent of cloud computing services. Cloud services today can meet almost every IT need. The adoption rate has been exponential with businesses ranging from start-ups to big enterprises, increasingly looking at cloud migration as a strategic step. Hosting applications and data on Cloud gives enterprises an edge in terms of increased business agility and effective IT environments.

Benefits of our Cloud Services




Cost control



Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery


Faster implementation and more

Key Challenges and How we can help

At Indium we understand the key challenges that customers face as they go through this journey. To alleviate some of their roadblocks Indium can:

Identify the right infrastructure requirements for a customer to leverage their data and help in its setup, helping convert CAPEX into OPEX.
Identify the customer’s business objectives and work backwards to identify the right data points to be leveraged to meet them.
Setup the appropriate Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) processes to get the data points from their source systems into the data platform on the cloud through the right cleansing and transformation steps.
Provision real-time, near-real-time and batch processes to make the data available at the right time.
Leverage the data to configure and deploy Data Visualization reports and dashboards for effective BI.
Implement and integrate machine learning, AI and other predictive models using this data to keep businesses one step ahead.
Help customers build, deploy and maintain enterprise web and mobile applications on the cloud, thereby reducing their CAPEX.

Having exposure on all the major cloud providers in the market, Indium is uniquely qualified to suggest the best platform and architecture for customers to capitalize their data assets.

Cloud Computing Services & Deployment Models

Taking innovation to the next level is our bread and butter. We curate cloud-based environments that allow enterprises to scale, modernize and be cloud native. Our managed cloud services are designed for every need – be it Scheduled scaling, Autoscaling, Containerization or Predictive scaling.

We go above and beyond to ensure that we meet specific cloud deployment requirements by providing support in Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud deployment. By assisting in choosing the right kind of ownership, access and size, we enable our customers to have complete control over their cloud infrastructure.

Public Cloud

If you are looking for a low cost and maintenance model, the best option will be to opt for public cloud. There will be no limit on scalability here and is highly reliable. Public cloud is the most common way of cloud deployment.

Private Cloud

Private cloud will be the best option when you already have a dedicated set-up at your organization and the services are maintained on a private network. Customized cloud environment, improved security, and high scalability are some of the benefits of private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is the combination of both private and public cloud. Here data can be moved between private and public clouds for greater flexibility. Extended control for sensitive assets, additional available resources, cost effective option, easy transitions between clouds are some of the benefits of hybrid cloud.

Value Proposition

Some of the factors that sets Indium apart:

Extensive experience across all platforms, namely
AWS, Azure, GCP, AliCloud, IBM Cloud, Digital Ocean etc.
End-to-end data solutions partner, supporting data modelling, extraction, transformation, integration, visualization, analytics, etc.
Big Data, Hadoop, Advanced Analytics & Data Visualization CoEs
Enterprise mobile-ready application development and operationalization
Robust employee pool with a diverse and experienced mix of skills
Best in class employee retention and employee development programs
Global delivery model with clients and office across the globe
Flexible engagement models

Top Cloud Platforms we work on

Our Domain Expertise

We have extensive experience in providing cloud computing services across various industry verticals.