Full Stack Development of Dynamic Form Builder in the Utilities Domain

Project Overview

Leveraged full stack technology to develop a dynamic and multi-sided form builder portal, which incorporated interactive and easy to use forms for users to fill and an automated workflow in the background, augmented with intuitive dashboards. The developed portal features an automated form generation facilitated with drag and drop, customization, and export mechanism.

About Client

The client is a pioneer in providing technology related services and consulting to the power and utility industry. Functioning in diverse fields like transmission, distribution, line construction inspection, material inspection and so on, they required an in-house web portal that builds dynamic forms for line construction inspection. The client was using a third- party application for this portal, which incurred high license costs and customizability limitations.

Business Requirements

The limitations of the existing portal for the form builder necessitated building a custom new dynamic portal, fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Build a dynamic form builder portal that meets the client’s requirements.
  • Incorporate some built-in feature like:
      Monitoring the day-to-day task
      Feeding transmission line details
      Generation of automated workflow etc
  • Minimize the time consumption for generating a form.
  • Build a highly responsive and automated web portal that could maintain large volumes of data