Mobile Testing with Simulators/Emulators vs Real Devices

5 Minute Read   Mobile testing has become a nightmare due to increasing number of devices and configurations that mobile apps and websites need to be cross-checked against. These tests should confirm the seamless running of applications. Thankfully, today we have…


Trends in Mobile Test Automation

8 Minute Read Hello, Readers! In this blog, we are going to discuss the trends in Mobile Test Automation. Indium Software

Mobile App Failure? What Happens Next?

5 Minute Read Loading behind the scenes of Mobile Apps It’s easy to test mobile apps in ideal conditions. But reality doesn’t always give us a full battery and strong Wi-Fi. Indium Software

Best Mobile Testing Techniques

9 Minute Read Hand-held technical devices have undergone several bouts of transformation over the past few decades. With changing shapes, sizes and functions, mobile phones have crawled in their own way into the user’s pockets. Today, a smartphone has become a…