How Big Data is Influencing Web Design and What you can Learn from it

10 Minute Read Big data services provide businesses with an opportunity to gain insights that help them make better decisions and improve operations and overall performance.


Hybrid Data Management

4 Minute Read Data is the most important asset of an enterprise. It’s no secret that data is growing at a pace that is making enterprises not just take notice but also make a hard stop,


How Small Businesses can Benefit from Real-Time Data Analytics

7 Minute Read Today, a dissatisfied customer will not take time to switch loyalties. It goes without saying that if a business wants to prosper,

Cloudera and how to configure it on AWS – EC2

Beginners guide for Cloudera and how to configure it on AWS – EC2!

4 Minute Read Cloudera release or sell products which includes the official Apache Hadoop release, and/or their own and other useful tools.


Evolution of the Music Industry – How Big Data was the catalyst!

8 Minute Read Big Data has influenced almost every industry today. The music industry has also been a benefactor of Big Data.


The GDPR Effect on Big Data!

10 Minute Read The European Parliament, Council and Commission created a regulation which toughens and combines data protection for people inside the EU – This regulation is called GDPR. It is a single set of rules which are created in order…


Big Data in the Rat Race!

10 Minute Read Identifying what products and services appeal most to customers is very crucial. Big Data analytics is the answer to this. Sentiment analytics via social media can reveal the likes and preferences of customers. With the aim of refining…


Introduction to Blockchains & What It Means to Big Data

10 Minute Read “Arguably the most significant development in information technology over the past few years, blockchain has the potential to change the way that the world approaches big data, with enhanced security and data quality just two of the benefits…

Mad Rush for DevOps

3 Minute Read Hang on! Didn’t we just finish other races recently or still racing SMAC, Cloud, Big Data etc. It is always Old Wine in New Bottle or may be time has come now for that old idea, which never…

Leveraging your GPS data using Geospatial analytics

8 Minute Read The advent of sharing economy has brought a sea change in the way urban populace commute locally. The Ubers, Lyfts and many other local players have made taxi riding convenient, affordable and safe. These rides have emerged as…