Data Integration Services

Big Data Integration Solutions

The need for shorter times to market, a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), and to manage or replace obsolete and expensive data-integration patterns currently deployed are compelling corporates to opt for data integration services where a group of services runs on service-oriented architecture with low latency time periods.

Due to the complexity involved in connecting structured and unstructured data, existing solutions may leave pockets of data that are buried deep unexplored. As the volume and demands increase, migrating all to cloud data lake architecture may pose a greater challenge. A managed Hadoop or big data solution can help meet business objectives at lower CapEx and OpEx.

Indium Software Data Integration services are aimed at helping organizations move to a completely managed data architecture.

Some of the benefits it imparts includes:

Lowering TCO and operational costs
Improved data governance
SLA and manageability, leading to higher ROI

Indium Software process oriented approach simplifies the use of Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, HDFS with Big Data Integration Solutions.

Indium Software also offers a platform-agnostic data integration solution that integrates data irrespective of the following:

Required frequency
Communication protocol
Business rules to determine the integration patterns
Extract Transformation and Load (ETL)
Enterprise Application Integration Products (EAI)
Enterprise Data Replication (EDR)

Indium Software works with the following technologies to achieve the objectives:

Indium Software expertise combined with the tools ensures data integration from a variety of endpoints such as data warehouse, big data, APIs, applications, and more.

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