Advanced Analytics


The advantage of data is the insights it can provide to identify the customer, understand different operations and their impact, improve business strategies and maximise RoI. However, traditional historical reporting and data aggregation of traditional business intelligence (BI) are not enough. Indium Software leverages advanced analytics that uses mathematical, probabilistic, and statistical modelling techniques that facilitate predictive processing and automated decision making.

Indium Software’s approach to advanced analytics solutions involves:

Interactive data exploration and visualization
Machine Learning Model Training
Real- Time or Batch Predictive Processing

It helps marketing teams discover new customer segments; financial teams to protect against potential frauds; supply chain to ensure enough on time stocking especially during holiday seasons; retail to provide customers with omni-channel consumer experience; oil and gas to reduce equipment downtime; using IoT-driven analytics among others .

Indium Software’s experienced and skilled Data Scientists and Data Analysts with deep domain expertise deploy advanced analytics solutions conduct pre-mortem on significant investments, reduce fraudulent claims, increase customer acquisition and wallet share, reduce churn, and achieve higher ROI.

We Analyze, You Grow!

Technology Expertise

Big Data Analytics

The commonly asked question pertaining to Big Data that millions of people have asked us is, “what does Big Data mean for my business?” Others who have been planning and investing for years describe it as a vast network of data collection and artificial intelligence driven analytics. Working in the field, we can see AI and Big data services evolving and progressing. In its current trajectory, it bears many similarities to the adoption of the internet.

Big Data analytics act as an enabler for enterprises which allow them to analyze their data completely and real-time analysis can also be done. Big data analytics has a huge arsenal at its disposal – predictive analytics, text analytics, text mining, sentiment analysis, geospatial analysis, forecasting, optimization and a lot more. Enterprises can drive innovation and make the effective business decisions based on results and insights from the analysis. Enterprises that make use of the big data analytics solutions are always in a better position to optimize machine learning and meet their big data needs in disruptive ways.

Automation of big data analytics is the next big thing. Our services encompass automation and big data. From here, we decided to combine both and provide you with the automation of big data. Depending on what technology is applied, the processing, analyzing and understanding of any amount of data will only take a few weeks. Now that we have established that big data analysis can be automated, let’s see how automating it is of use:

Reduced operational costs
Increased operational efficiency
Enhanced self-service modules
Increased scalability of big data technologies

Automation of big data analysis will give data scientists more time to interpret and concentrate on their core competencies rather than working on analyzing and making sense of the data.

Customer Analytics

Businesses today have access to data from multiple sources —right from product-related to data on brands, prices, competitive offerings, and so on.

With insightful learnings from Customer Analytics, businesses can continue serving existing customers, prevent attrition, and build stronger relationships through right product offerings at the right time, using the right channel and the right messaging.

Indium Software uses Predictive Analytics such as churn analysis, RFM analysis and Customer Lifecycle Value in Big Data environment for its customers across industries such as Retail, Financial Services, E-Commerce and CPG Industries, especially in the US.

  • Targeted demographics with the highest concentration of potential customers
  • Identifying highly profitable prospective customers
  • Controlling customer acquisition costs
  • Capturing market share
  • Maintain customers and reward loyalty
  • Be proactive in introducing retention strategies
  • Grow your business with existing customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Discover cross-selling and bundling opportunities
  • Prioritize and optimize the most profitable products
  • Increase average order value
  • Deepen customer relationships and improve customer loyalty
  • Identify your most profitable customers
  • Focus your marketing on segments most likely to purchase
  • Discover potential niche markets
  • Develop or improve products to meet customer needs

Uncover hidden customer relationships, focus on high-gain segments and discover untapped sources of revenue with our data mining solutions.

  • Build high-value relationships, maintain customers and reward loyalty
  • Be proactive in introducing retention strategies
  • Focus acquisition & reactivation efforts on customers with the highest customer lifetime value
  • Grow your business with existing customers and increase revenue

Big Data Pricing Analytics

Indium Software’s Big Data Pricing Analytics services, including price elasticity and optimisation, revolve around aiding organizations to set prices right, understand their market positioning, analyse the impact of markdowns and benchmark deals.

We also cover relative price points, demand elasticity measures and optimization to establish prices that will maximize margins. We cater to retail, CPG and e-commerce.

Pricing Analytics Services

Indium Software’s pricing analytics services offerings are built on expertise in analytics as well as domain experience:

For product categories based on market conditions and target contribution margins

To optimize the pricing of products/services based on revenues or profitability

Social Media Analytics Services

Social media analytics data typically stands apart from customer or transaction data, thus making any analysis incomplete.

Indium Software’s social media analytics solution helps overcome that challenge and add insight to your customers in the following ways

  • Connect social and transactions data
  • Use social profiles in segmentation, model builds and campaigns
  • Target sharper on social media channels
  • Understand the link between social and transactions

Our social media solution centers on sentiment and word analytics include the following services:

  • Using advanced algorithms we help our clients gauge in real time, the emotions in written text in blogs, e-mails, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Help build highly visual reports such as word clouds which enable the client to gauge what people are most interested in and communicating about on Social media channels.

In addition to helping businesses with the analytics, we also use machine learning to plan, design and develop the architecture using the following components:

Data storage
Batch processing
Real-time message ingestion
Stream processing
Analysis and reporting
Analytical data store

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