Testing centre of excellence

In today’s world, the testing team are put under constant pressure to shorten the delivery time without compromising on the quality. Keeping this in mind, Indium has set up Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) to cater to the testing needs and to follow up the timely delivery of quality solutions.

With over two decades of independent testing expertise, Indium has established TCoE to improve the release quality of the applications, deliver better business value to the internal customers of testing, improve the overall maturity of testing, accelerated testing and optimize the testing costs across enterprises.

Indium, depending on your QA needs, help set up an eminent organization by a BOST model, where we build, operate, stabilize and transfer the ownership to our clients and also we continue to direct the overall quality effort. While reducing efforts and cost, we make sure to improve the quality of systems by achieving industry standards.

Indium’s TCoE team model has compound team joining to share knowledge, best practices and resources. We provide a new offshore subsidiary for our client and delivery operations. We at Indium have experts who can direct the TCoE implementation for you.

Testing COE Framework

Indium has created a TCoE to adopt Superior framework for optimal automation. Our selection of tools (open-source / premium), frameworks and methodologies make us distinctive. Our frameworks are comprehensive, reliable, re-usable, provide enriching test coverage and bring down the automation cost. Indium also has a proprietary Smart Test Automation Platform, uphoriX for a faster delivery cycle.

Indium has a centralized repository, an online database that methodically seizures, organizes and classifies knowledge-based information. It has a wide variety of content organized from multiple sources and stored in a central online portal.

With the proven experience of working with fortune 100 and global enterprises over the past two decades, we are genetically inclined to deliver best practice in software testing and quality assurance. We do ensure quality over quantity, provide oversight and control, and protect intellectual property.

To support service delivery excellence, our resource managers understand the nuances of demand and can optimally assign resources. Indium’s delivery excellence model ensures seamless delivery of robust testing solutions by a team of agile and qualified high-calibre testing professionals.

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