Test Environment and Data Management

In the face of increased venture in infrastructure and hardware, many establishments tussle to maintain test environments that closely imitate live production systems.

Indium has a well-executed Test Data Management that can speedily reduce inadequacies; and make authorized test data available in a planned, secure, constant and well-ordered manner.

By providing the right data, in the right quantity, and at the right time, Indium’s Test Data Management Services certifies a high grade of test coverage.

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Key features of Indium Test Data Management(TDM)

  • Delivers a set of consistent test data requests
  • Offers workflow for each test data requests
  • Files test data, which enables reuse
  • Avoids data over-stepping by data reservation

Want your App to be Flawless?

The Indium Test Environment Management(TEM) service tackles organizations’ key testing challenges

  • Reduces the time and cost by streamlining and automating the environment distribution and support services, across progress and testing.
  • It increases test coverage – environments are united, including all relevant risks and requirements.
  • It confirms the quality of testing

Using TEM, Indium can help clients increase their testing by understanding their widespread systems background. The operation and test productivity are maximized by understanding the needs and controlling the impact of change on this background.


Indium Software provides a different Test Environment Management by

Enhanced Service

Indium not only helps to deliver test environments, it increases the test process. Indium can create the best set-up for the client.

Complete Service

With test, we manage the entire test environment – whether that’s the setup, data.

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