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Vijay Rao

  • adesh kumar
  • August 16, 2023

Rich in entrepreneurial spirit, Vijay has embarked on a journey to explore exciting corporate roles in Sales, Strategic account and key stake holder management, Marketing & Operations.

Vijay is a result-oriented senior level executive qualified with close to 20 years of experience, he brings in a unique blend of technical aptitude & business acumen to be instrumental in today’s increasingly fast-paced global work culture.

A leader with broad spectrum of roles , he has been instrumental in developing and maintaining a sustained growth record at Indium handling various regions and territories such as PAN India, Southeast Asia and EMEA regions. Vijay spends good time in mentoring and empowering teams , talks about customer centricity, leadership and social influence.

Vijay is based out of Bangalore and is seen on business travel most of the time . He believes in “Meet leaders to become a leader!.”

adesh kumar