Transforming detection metrics: How ML-driven technology helped our client identify 30+ smells with >90% accuracy

Client Overview

An innovative solutions provider that uses smell technology & neurotech IoT devices for various industries like agriculture, global shipping & Healthcare

Business Requirements

Enable the identification of various types of smells from electrophysiological sensors placed on animal noses Analyze the concentration of the smells from the various objects with proprietary data points given by the client Build an interactive mobile app with in-built ML models to display the results faster.

Business Impact

  • Accuracy on Point: Forget unreliable sniff tests – our solution boasts an impressive >90% accuracy rate in identifying different smells.
  • Big Data, Big Results: We tackled a massive data challenge, processing over 20 GB of data sampled at a rapid 5 kHz for robust model training.
  • A Diverse Smelling Spectrum: No smell is left behind! Our system successfully identified a wide range of over >30 different smells for various objects.