100% accuracy rate in retrieval success: See how Indium’s iSearch empowered a medical school’s learning revolution

Client Overview

A prominent medical school confronted a daunting challenge: the overwhelming volume of educational materials hindered both faculty and students in accessing crucial resources efficiently.

Business Challenges

  • Time-consuming Searches: Locating specific information was arduous, requiring extensive sifting through disparate folders and databases.
  • Limited Accessibility: Educational materials were scattered across various platforms, impeding seamless access for users.
  • Inconsistent Organization: Absence of a centralized search system led to haphazard organization and labeling of materials.

Indium Solution

Indium’s iSearch revolutionized the learning landscape by:

  • Centralizing Educational Resources: Creating a unified access point for all learning materials, from PDFs to presentations, streamlining accessibility.
  • Facilitating Fast and Accurate Searches: Empowering users with a user-friendly search interface for swift and precise information retrieval.
  • Supporting Diverse Search Criteria: Enabling search by topic, keyword, file type, or embedded content within documents.
  • Offering User-Friendly Experience: Providing an intuitive interface for uploading, searching, and filtering documents, enhancing overall user experience.