Indium's Gen AI-powered solution helped a real estate leader achieve 700x faster data extraction

Project Overview

Indium’s Gen AI solution tackled a real estate leader’s challenge of slow, manual data extraction from complex documents. The solution leveraged Generative AI, a robust AWS cloud infrastructure, and tailored pipelines to achieve 87% accuracy and a dramatic 700x reduction in manual effort.

About Client

The client is a digital middle-office solutions provider in the real estate and private equity space. They build innovative solutions for virtual data management, data integrity, and security.

Business Challenges

  • Manual data extraction: Extracting data from various documents was a slow and tedious manual process.
  • Document complexity: Documents were unstructured, large, and contained complex tabular data.
  • Time consumption: Manual extraction significantly slowed down workflows.
  • Need for automation: The client needed a solution to automate data extraction, improve efficiency, and reduce time spent on this task.