Cloud Migration & BI Implementation For An E-Payment Provider In SE Asia

Project Overview

The objective of the project was to address the limitations of the client’s existing database system and enable real-time data analysis for enhanced business insights. By implementing a more efficient and scalable solution, the client aimed to gain timely and accurate information to make informed decisions.

The project involved the evaluation and deployment of advanced database technologies to ensure seamless real-time data fetching and analysis. Through this initiative, the client aimed to improve operational efficiency, optimize business processes, and enhance their overall customer experience.

About Client

The client is a prominent player in the contactless payment industry in Southeast Asia. They provide support to public transit networks and various other sectors within their country. With over 40 million contactless payment cards issued, they have established a significant customer base. Given the scale of their operations and the large volume of daily transactions, real-time understanding of their business was crucial. However, their existing traditional database system (Oracle) was unable to efficiently handle real-time data retrieval.

Business Requirements

The requirement was two-fold as stated below:

  • Design and develop load balancing of the query load and efficient archiving of the data.
  • Build and validate the connectors to the various data sources that would feed into the Data Warehouse.
    Additional tasks included:
  • Migration of data from on-premises to a cloud environment (Oracle to Azure SQL DW).
  • Create specific reports and dashboards based on key performance indicators (KPIs) with real-time data.