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Specialized QA Services

At Indium Software, we have constantly upgraded our Software testing capabilities to keep pace with constantly evolving trends in software engineering and SDLC. We realize that the entire process of developing software has been going through an ongoing transformation, with DevOps methodologies, the use of APIs becoming more mainstream, and needless to say, the emergence of cloud and data-heavy systems.

In addition to our Core Testing Practice, Indium Software offers the following specialized QA services:

On top of these specialized QA services, we also offer extremely niche service offerings such as,

Gain the Indium Software Advantage

For each of these service verticals, we have specialist leaders who not only upgrade themselves with the relevant test approaches, but also keep pace with software development trends in the aforementioned areas.

Best in class tools and technologies, process-oriented approach to testing, deep engagement with our customers at all stages of testing and value addition are the hallmarks of Indium Software Specialised QA Services that have won us repeat customers across industries, across the globe.

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