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Striim Implementation Services

Real-time data integration can help organizations to
create ‘instant experiences’ for customers –
when it matters, where it matters.

Timing is of essence for customer experience. Real-time, is of greater essence.

Data required to create instant digital-experiences for customers are spread far and wide across organizational systems.  In an age where customers are used to instant gratification, business should strive to provide these experiences to avoid customer churn.

New age platforms such as Striim provide modern, reliable data integration across private and public cloud,

all in real-time with change data capture and data streams that can make such experiences a possibility for organizations.

Indium, with deep expertise in implementing Striim for customers can help you take advantage of this technology, so that you can keep creating exciting digital moments for your customers.

Striim Implementation Services

Indium’s partnership and experience with Striim provides you with the resources and expertise to implement real-time integration for your organization.

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