Section 508 ADA Validation Services

Accessibility testing is designed especially for the physically challenged people, who face obstacles in handling the software, hardware or other type of systems.

Manual Regression Testing Service at Indium is grounded on the standard of attaining more with less – providing extreme test coverage with least number of test cases leading to a minimal cost of assessment and threat. Our solutions assist you to regulate when to stop testing, and help arrange, and classify the regression test suite to make sure maximum coverage at a minimal cost. With our ductile staffing, regression testing is done swiftly when an accidental error occurs during development and resolved from the initial state to minimize the risk of defect leakage.

These Include

  • User with poor communication
  • Computer illiterate such as new user and aged people
  • Users holding outdated/old systems

Key Objectives of Indium’s Accessibility Testing Offering includes

  • Certification of releases vis-à-vis A, AA, AAA criteria as published by WCAG 2.0
  • Educate the business analysts and other stakeholders in accessibility guidelines
  • Leverage the jump start kits/-template and tools for rapid time-to-market
  • Keep costs low with an offshore leveraged model
  • Indium Software uses testing tools and manual methods to ensure that the website/application is accessibility compliant.

Indium Software offers an effective and extremely low cost alternative to audit and validate your web sites, applications and documents from Accessibility stand point. In the present software platform, everyone talks about the usability and free navigational access of the websites which remain up-to-date for longer.

As a result, the, accessibility guidelines are good and certain. Indiums methodology, based on our extensive experience is built around the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and ensures:

  • Compliance to WCAG 2.0 guidelines
  • Website/web application supports Microsoft Active Accessibility ® such as screen narrators, screen magnifiers, etc
  • Each image/picture has equivalent text associated with it
  • Information is readable in various contrast types
  • All functions are accessible using keyboard and effective navigation


  • WAVE
  • WAT
  • JAWS
  • Color Identifier



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