RoI – Return on Investment

How far do we need to go?

Product development firms are continually improving their processes from shorter development and implementation timelines to expertise to deliver high quality solutions. With newer and faster development, the testing need is incredibly in a higher rate. Keeping this in mind, Indium has set up Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE) to cater the testing needs and to follow up the timely delivery.

With many years of show in independent testing expertise, Indium have established testing centers of excellence to improve the release quality of the applications, deliver better business value to the internal customers of testing, improve the overall maturity of testing & optimize the testing costs across enterprises.

“RoI calculation should be viewed as just one component, while carrying out an evaluation for a Test Automation initiative, not this alone.

The RoI Calculator here is a Do-it-Yourself tool for a quick appraisal. It has been developed based on Indium’s extensive experience in dealing with Test Automation for a variety of software products for global customers. It looks at benefit from the perspectives of Time, Cost and Regression Capacity.”

Need to assess return on investment

The high price of branded Test Automation Tools both in terms of licenses and recurring AMC
The cost of effort to automate which is determined by the complexity of the product, tool and availability of right talent
The notion that idle time / spare time of the internal team could be deployed towards automation.

RoI may not cut ice

There are instances when RoI is not in tune with expectations. The reasons are given below

  • Very limited availability of budget
  • Tendency to view Product Quality as an operational item rather than as a value item
  • Flawed assumptions about product maturity, test coverage & in-house talent availability
  • Case History, where Tools bought became just shelf-ware
  • The psychological fear of “Tester” attrition
  • A notion that outsourcing has to be a “cheaper” alternative
  • Personal agendas like preference for a tool which may not necessarily suit

Going Beyond RoI

Test Automation initiatives should rest on fair grounds and must be viewed with a broader mindset. There are qualitative questions which need to be asked

  • What is the cost of product failure & attendant loss of brand image?
  • Does it help to fulfill comprehensive test coverage on a sustainable & repetitive basis?
  • Does it improve Go-to-Market speed?
  • Does it eliminate human errors induced by the test regimen?
  • Does it help to free technical resource time for taking up key product development?
  • Does it reduce the dependence on a Tester?

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