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Microsoft Silver Analytics

Indium Software, a global end-to-end software services provider, announced that it has enhanced its digital services capability by becoming a Microsoft Partner Network member with the Silver Analytics Competency.

Acquisition of Noah Data

Indium Software partners with Microsoft to deliver to its customers the best in class cloud and analytics solutions leveraging Microsoft platforms like Azure, Machine Learning Studio, Cognitive Services etc., both at speed and at scale. Indium Software can support its customers in confidently setting up complex cloud-based solutions, intuitive Data Visualizations andadvanced analytical models, with the objective of capitalizing on cutting-edge digital initiatives.

iSAFE- Frame work

Indium Software, a leading Digital, QA & Gaming firm, with close to two decades of experience in delivering solutions across industry verticals, has released a new and upgraded version of its IP-based test automation framework, iSAFE 4.0.

Indium Software, announced the launch of iXie Gaming – a dedicated game testing division, to serve the next-generation Game Production Firms.

Indium Software’s Retail Testing Framework Helps in Business Growth With Comprehensive Testing

iSAFE- Frame work

iSAFE, Indium’s Test Automation Framework, is ‘DevOps Ready’ and Will fit in Seamlessly as Enterprises Streamline Their Software Development to DevOps.

Indium Software Gears up for Next-Generation Console Game Testing for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox OneS

iSAFE- Frame work

iSAFE 3.5, an enhanced version of our Test Automation Framework is ready and available for customer engagements. It works seamlessly with Cloud and DevOps.