Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing Services

Cyberattacks have become sophisticated, targeted, and widespread with malware, web-based attacks, phishing, distributed denial of service (DDoS) among the most prominent. Hackers are now equipped with effective tools which have significantly reduced the barrier to entry. As a result, high-profile data breaches are common as businesses of all sizes fall prey to cybercrimes. Most companies have top-tier cybersecurity measures in place, yet the frequency and inevitability of these breaches are hard to overcome.

Indium’s Penetration TestingThe Tried and Tested Solution

To combat the security threat, it is important to know the source of it but also understand other key aspects.

It is where Indium’s penetration testing service enables your organization to bolster the security of your key online assets.

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We help -

Perform risk analysis
What is it that you are trying to protect? Where is the biggest risk? What breach would be the most dangerous?
Profile hackers
Identify who might access your data and create a profile that the penetration tester can imitate. Also, find out if disgruntled employees and competitors in your industry are a threat as well.
Generate actionable insights
Get instant insights into your weak spots and build detailed reports of the pen test findings which provide the foundation for remediation.

Why Indium’s Penetration Testing Services

Indium has 2+ decades of experience in penetration testing services having helped global enterprises, SMBs, innovative start-ups and other organizations identify and plug security vulnerabilities. It has helped our clients improve customer retention, enhance brand reputation, and maintain or increase revenue.

Indium has a team of certified penetration testers with certifications such as certified ethical hacker (CEH), certified information systems auditor (CISA), certified information systems security professional (CISSP) and so on.

We provide end-to-end penetration testing for our global clients, comprising wireless network assessment, SCADA network vulnerability assessment and more.

We deploy custom automation tools with network and web-scanning capabilities for continuous vulnerability discovery and network mapping.

Indium is compliant with OWASP and PCI security guidelines.

Indium’s penetration testing centre of excellence (TCoE)

With well-defined checklists, custom processes and templates, Indium’s penetration testing services are methodical and failproof.

Our penetration testing service extends to web applications, mobile applications, cloud-based security, network security, software, and more.

Our comprehensive testing techniques check for SQL injection, cross-site request forgery (CSRF), unsecure direct object reference, unsecure cryptographic usage, security misconfiguration, URL access restriction and the top-10 OWASP.

Indium’s processes comprise of techniques that are both manually and automatically executed. Manual tests include the data logic-driven tests which identify weaknesses and lay down steps that could potentially be used to exploit the vulnerabilities in the network/information system.

Indium’s penetration testing approach

Indium combines its deep expertise in penetration testing and intuitive understanding of industry best practices to ensure business applications are secure and free of security loopholes.

We help organizations of all sizes identify and fix security vulnerabilities long before they experience issues. In addition, Indium helps address mission critical security challenges faced by organizations on an everyday basis to drive client retention, business continuity and brand recall.

Indium Approach


Indium has deep expertise in commercial and open-source penetration testing to uncover the hidden security holes in the system and deliver the best results. Our expertise is not limited to the below list.