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Amazon Web Services

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, Indium Software will capitalize on AWS services, competencies and best practices to help clients rapidly adopt, modernize and transform their workloads on to AWS. Indium’s App Modernization, DevOps Automation & Data Analytics services on AWS will not only reduce cost for our customers, but also bring business agility, improved productivity and enable deep insights into their customers’ behaviour.



We partner with Mendix to deliver our customers the best in class web, mobile and smart development solutions at speed and scale. Indium Software can aid its customers to confidently set up complex micro services and applications with the aim of capitalizing on digital transformation initiatives.



Indium’s strategic partnership with Striim, will accelerate data-driven solutions and there by speed up informed decision making for our joint enterprise customers who want to have a real-time Big Data Analytics platform. Through this partnership, Indium will be able to deliver out of the box data pipeline solutions like continuous ingestion of real-time data from various databases, cloud applications, etc., and ensure continued seamless support for uninterrupted service.



Indium and Claris have partnered to increase the reach of low-code offerings for custom app development, to organizations. Working together, the two companies enable organizations to streamline manual processes, reduce costs, and create new efficiencies towards a more optimized digital ecosystem. With Claris Filemaker’ low-code platform and Indium’s strong expertise in low-code development, the two companies can facilitate and accelerate the adoption of customer-centric high-quality custom solutions that deliver business value.



Indium leverages its partnership with Denodo, a leader in data virtualization to help customers enhance their data architecture into an agile information architecture. Consequently, it helps create virtualized and integrated views of data in memory without copying or moving the data between various data silos. Customers can subsequently realize a more cost effective and easier way to maintain their technology ecosystem.

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Tool Partner

As Automation Anywhere states – “Go be great’’, Indium enables companies to operate with unprecedented productivity and efficiency by automating any part of the enterprise. Indium with Automation Anywhere achieves unparalleled automation with the most intelligent and intuitive robotic process automation platform called “The Intelligent Digital Workforce”.


Tool Partner

Micro Focus enables Indium Software to help customers to develop, test, deploy, assess and modernize business-critical enterprise applications. The key objective to this partnership is to enable customers improve their requirements management, change and configuration management, test management and software quality.


Technology Partner

As a Microsoft partner, we deliver customers the best-in-class cloud and analytics solutions leveraging Microsoft platforms like Azure, Machine Learning Studio, Cognitive Services etc., both at speed and at scale. We can support customers in confidently setting up complex cloud-based solutions, intuitive Data Visualizations and Advanced Analytical models, with the objective of capitalizing on cutting-edge digital initiatives.


Tool Partner

Indium in partnership with the world’s fastest growing enterprise software company – UiPath, provide exceptional services to our clients, assisting in their digital transformation journey. Powered with intelligent automation tools and other cognitive capabilities , UiPath and Indium help clients keep up with the pace of technological evolution in the “Automation First” era.

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