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Online Workshop Performance Testing Using JMeter


Consumers have ‘0’ patience for downtime

Building and deploying high-speed Application with UX is the top priority for any online business

At the same time, every company wants to prevent outage due to sudden surges. Be it Web or Mobile Applications, there are various teting tools
avialable in the market to diagonose the performance. The question is how to make a tool work best for your need and maximize the ROI?

This workshop will demonstrate load testing of Web & Mobile-based application by creating realistic distributions and leverage JMeter 3.0 to unearth performance
related bottlenecks

Areas Covered

1. Performance Testing tools landscape

2. Advantage JMeter and its recent updates

3. Key Challeenges in JMeter

4. Proficiency to effectively use JMeter – maximize ROI

5. Load testing of Web and Mobile based application – A tool capability demo


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