Non-Crypto Use Cases of Blockchain

April 17th 2019
2020/10/06 11:48:01
April 17th 2019
2020/10/06 11:48:01


Blockchain has been pitted as one of the fastest growing technologies in the recent times. The first commercial application was popularized by Bitcoin in 2009 and since then we have seen a spurt in the number of digital currencies and its application in the ICO space.  As every coin has 2 sides, the blockchain technology also has 2 sides to it. The first side is the crypto currencies, which has seen useful implementations in the financial domain (cross border payments, Trade exchanges, ICO).

The 2nd side of the blockchain is the non-crypto face, which started off much later but has gained momentum with a whole variety of industries building MVP’s and POC’s. In this session, we take a journey into the non-crypto use cases of the blockchain world and in the process, look at some of the interesting MVP’s and use cases that may shape the future of the way the applications work.


Introduction to Block Chain

Implications of Block chain in a real world scenario

A few Non- crypto domain specific Use Cases

– Patient record management – Healthcare
– Manufacturing – Spareparts Management
– Supply chain – Asset Tracking and regulatory complaince
– Retail- Building an ecosystem to bring customers and sellers in the same platform and conduct business in a transparent and secure way.
– Any other relevant industry use cases based on audience intrest
– Q&A

Non Crypto use cases of Blockchain

Speaker Profile

Karthik Rangamani

VP – Application Development Practice