Mendix App Development

Low-code app development expertise helps you build smart
applications economically, with extremely short turnaround times.

Low-code platform lies at the heart of abstraction, automation and intelligence.

Uncertainty is a fact in business. Organizations encounter situations where they need to experiment and validate ideas, many a times without a clear understanding of end results. Such low complex experiments are clearly necessary before embarking on full blow projects.

Low code-based applications, that can be built economically and in very short durations is the choice of business under these circumstances – whether the need is to build mobile apps, work flows, validating hypothesis from organization data, to name a few.

Indium, with its 150+ experienced low code developers, with experience across a wide spectrum of vertical & functional needs can help you further reduce time and cost, making this powerful low-code technology work for your business, so that you can keep experimenting and innovating.

Low code App Development

Our Expertise

With industry-validated skills on Mendix and FileMaker, Indium helps organizations rapidly develop new applications with extreme agility, flexibility and cost efficiency.

Building pervasive cross-functional interfaces with low code

In this video hear MD Nasrullah Khan – Associate Director, Digital Transformation  speak about how Dr Reddy’s Laboratory, with the help of Indium software,  was able to bring about Digital Transformation – using the concept of digital lean and low code

By empowering business teams with low-code tools, innovation is democratized. Organizations are now able to achieve in months what they could not in a decade, freeing up IT to focus on core tech tasks.

Why Indium

Hire Our Rapid Developers & Advanced Mendix Certified Developers on Project Basis

Looking for a team of experienced Mendix certified developers to bring your digital projects to the next level? Look no further! Our rapid developers are experts in Mendix and can provide advanced solutions on a project basis.

Hire our team for cutting-edge technology, quick delivery, and efficient, cost-effective solutions that will elevate your business.

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Manikandan Ramalingam

Sr. Vice President – Low Code Practice


Ashwin Kumar Srinivasan

VP – Low CodePractice

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