Kubernetes Consulting Services

Now accelerate infrastructure and app modernization with our most comprehensive Kubernetes consulting services. 

Kickstart your Kubernetes Cloud journey with Indium

Now accelerate your infrastructure and app modernization, increase developer velocity and reduce K8s talent need by up to 75% with indium’s Kubernetes Consulting Services. 

Indium’s Kubernetes Services

  • Build, run and manage apps on a modern Cloud infrastructure
  • Accelerate your Cloud-native journey by migrating legacy apps to Kubernetes
  • Increase release velocity with faster deployments
  • Leverage our end-to-end Kubernetes managed services for a smooth migration experience


  • Readiness and maturity assessment
  • Implementation roadmap
  • K8s architecture review
  • Actionable advice on cloud-native best practices, security audit setup, configuration validation


  •  Production Grade K8s setup
  • App Containerization / App Modernization (12-factor app)
  • CI / CD Automation & GitOps
  • Integration of essential 3rd party apps for Security, Logging, Monitoring among others
  • Monolith to Microservices decomposition

Managed Services

  • Shared / dedicated Customer Reliability Engineer support
  • Development & Prod Support
  • Blue/Green, Canary roll-outs
  • Continuous compliance, cost optimization, security
  • Real-time monitoring of config drift and cluster vulnerabilities
  • Zero disruption upgrades

Modern, Automated, Simplified, Scalable – Why Kubernetes is Ideal for your Cloud Migration?

Running and maintaining containerized applications can be cumbersome. Businesses often face some common challenges while managing such applications. 


Most infrastructure used to build containerized applications use a procedural deployment approach, which is not very effective. To scale rapidly, a declarative approach is needed as it saves time and abstracts complex steps.

Application Lifecycle Management

The lifecycle of a container application handled by a runtime engine can be complicated with multiple intermediate steps. Although it can be possible to manage a limited number of containers, when it comes to hundreds of nodes and thousands of containers, it can be a challenge.

Network Configuration

Ensuring a strong network configuration to allow multiple containers to communicate with each other is also a common challenge that needs to be addressed with the right automation tools. 


Scaling up with containerized applications is difficult, when the application workload is on the higher end. The challenge lies in allocating the right load balance and moving between local servers and Cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of Kubernetes

To scale faster and launch your applications more smoothly, you need an infrastructure that can orchestrate and automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

With growing adoption of containers, platforms to orchestrate containers are turning vital to setup and manage the application lifecycle. Kubernetes is a community-led, open-source platform for orchestration of containerized applications, that is evolving continuously with innovations and improvements. 

  • Automates deployment and scalability

    With Kubernetes, you can auto-deploy containers across nodes, on-premise machines or Cloud servers. It also allows you to auto-scale and add new containers and distribute load as per your business demands.

  • Increases the efficiency of DevOps

    With faster deployment, Kubernetes also ensures better lifecycle management with optimized release times. This improves the efficiency of DevOps teams for microservices architectures.

  • Optimizes orchestration

    Kubernetes’ container orchestration improves workflow efficiency, reduces redundant processes and eliminates the need for clunky, inefficient administration.

  • Simplifies multi-cloud migration

    Kubernetes allows simple and accelerated migration of containerized applications from on-premises infrastructure to hybrid environments across public cloud or private cloud infrastructure without losing any of an app’s functions or performance.

At Indium, we provide end-to-end Kubernetes consulting services, to help you modernize your application infrastructure, streamline Cloud migration and optimize your deployment processes with faster and more efficient app releases.

Our Cloud Service Partnerships

Google cloud

Presenting iGravity – Indium's Kubernetes Accelerator

iGravity is Indium’s no-code, self-service deployment platform for Kubernetes.

Now increase productivity of your Centralized IT / DevOps teams and developers, roll out features at warp speed through
self-service workflows, and build applications powered by iGravity’s standardization, governance, and continuous deployment /compliance/security modules.


Up to 75% reduction in need for K8s talent

Manage prod workloads with just 2 FTEs (2 yrs. DevOps Engineer) instead of 9 FTEs with deep cloud and Kubernetes knowledge

Low learning curve

No prior knowledge of Kubernetes required. Role-based workflows reduces learning curve of Developers, Data Engineers, MLOps practitioners alike and enhances productivity

No vendor lock-in

Unlike OpenShift, which is a Kubernetes distro, our platform runs on top of Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, and Google GKE

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Why Indium

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    Proven Expertise

    100+ DevOps, Data, AI/ ML solutions delivered successfully in 10+ years

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    Industry Veterans

    Engagement driven by veterans that have managed 100s of weekly releases for Large Enterprises & ISVs

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    K8s solution accelerator – Indium’s self-service deployment platform for Kubernetes that help deploy releases 3x faster and reduce need for K8s talent by up to 75%

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    Certified talent pool

    10+ CKA certified and 90+ Cloud certified consultants. 50+ DevOps consultants with proven expertise in automated CI/CD, Infrastructure setup and K8s

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    Strong Tech Partner relations

    As partner of all 3 hyperscalers, Indium works closely with partner & product teams on joint GTM and solutions

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    Global Delivery

    Global presence in U.S, UK, Singapore & Malaysia and delivery centers at Chennai & Bangalore at India. Secure & fail-safe systems with robust BCP setup

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