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June 10th 2020
2020/10/06 11:48:01
June 10th 2020
2020/10/06 11:48:01


In 2019, eCommerce was responsible for around $3.5 trillion in sales and was expected to hit $4.9 trillion by 2021. These predictions are not accurate anymore considering the current state of affairs. In the past 2 months, both the market landscape and consumer behaviour has changed. The global eCommerce sales in April showed 209 per cent growth compared to the same period last year. It clearly depicts the digital journey of many SMEs. As more and more businesses realize that taking the digital route is the viable option, a question raises on how to set up an eCommerce store in a short period. In this webinar, you will learn


1. The latest eCommerce Growth trends
2. The Necessity of an eCommerce store considering the current situation
3. How to commence the eCommerce journey by identifying the platform that works best for your business.
4. A comparison of popular e-commerce platforms available in the market
5. How SpreeCommerce can be a scalable and robust open-source option
6. How can Indium and SpreeCommerce be the ideal fit for you in this journey!
eCommerce Journey

Speaker Profile

Ananad Venkatesan

VP – Delivery

Aarthy Ramachandran

Solution Architect