Indium’s Software Automation Framework Enhanced (iSAFE) is a customizable and portable software testing framework for web and mobile applications. This framework is the core of our smart test platform, uphoriX. A tool agnostic framework, it can be used across commercial and open source products such as QTP, Selenium, SilkTest, TestComplete, Ranorex, Appium, Selenium Grid etc and it can work on any scripting language. iSAFE also uses XSL transformation for producing custom HTML reports to satisfy different client requirements.

The framework fully supports cloud-based service providers like – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Browser Stack, Cross Browser Testing, Sauce Labs etc.

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iSAFE 4.0 - Key Features

In the iSAFE 4.0, AI-based tools & algorithms have been used to launch an ‘Auto Automation’ and ‘Auto Fix’ feature to enable automatic script generation and generating test cases for new features.

  • The mobile application was developed with React JS – This enables the application to load from Desktop, Tablet devices and Mobile devices
  • The business logic of the mobile application will be accessed from APIs – These APIs can be linked with any application to trigger execution or view the report anywhere around the globe
  • The mobile application comes with different roles and responsibilities – For instance a Manager can view the execution reports of all the projects under him/her, while an Engineer can only start or stop the Execution of projects assigned to them
  • A separate flavor of iSAFE developed with the combination of Maven, Java, Source Code Managements (like Git, SVN, etc.,) can be integrated with any CDCI tools like Jenkins, BuildBot, Hudson, Bamboo, Team City, etc.,
  • Execution can be triggered unattended from CDCI server to the target Agents – Nightly builds can also be scheduled for execution
  • Execution of Test Suite when the Developer pushes a new build to the application can also be configured from CDCI server
  • The new and improved iSAFE is loaded with detailed analytical reports, it is upgraded with a smarter look and feel and easy access to Business users and Stake holders
  • Single page report with multiple Tabs for each reporting feature (like Node wise report, Module wise report, Failure report, Test Case wise report)
  • Improved Graphs and charts for better interpretation

Press Release

“Next Generation Test Automation Framework”

Indium Software Unveils its AI Driven Test Automation Framework – iSAFE 4.0

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iSAFE Advantage

iSAFE allows extensive test coverage using automation, decreasing the need for human intervention and the resulting human errors, thereby improving the quality of the end product.

Advantages of iSAFE include:

Reusability of the test scripts, leading to reduction in cost and time to market
Less effort and cost to maintain the test scripts and test data
Comprehensive test result report with varied analytics
Robust, scalable and easy to use
Tool agnostic
Vast coverage

iSAFE- Making customers smile!

We are very happy that we chose Indium’s solution. All of the installation and configuration processes went smoothly. We are very impressed with the knowledge, experience and support provided by your team. We appreciate the thorough documentation and training provided to our team.

– QA Director of a Security Solutions Firm

Value Additions

Reporting Alerts Over Email / SMS

Cloud Ready

Trigger execution using handheld devices

Ability to work with multiple OS/ Browsers / Devices

Complete Integration with CD/CI systems

Support for UI, API and DB Testing

Target based & parallel execution using Selenium Grid

Ease of Setup and Execution resulting in minimum learning

Fully Configurable Tests using Spreadsheets

Provides ability to execute Selenium and Genie code from the same script

Our frameworks ensure an increase in your RoI!

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