Integrating Telerik Tests in Visual Studio

Do you have scripts in Telerik and wish to execute it in Visual Studio? It’s simple.

This workshop will unveil some of the key challenges in integration of the Telerik scripts in Visual Studio. At the same time, it aims to divulge the methodology to create scripts in Visual Studio.

What are we going to demonstrate?

  • Telerik Test Studio (TTS) Integration with Visual Studio
  • Scripts Development in Visual Studio
  • Scripts Execution
  • Reports Walkthrough

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding of the integration aspects
  • Overcoming challenges in integration
  • Successfully executing integrated tests
  • Optimizing cost

Areas Covered

Visual Studio & Telerik
Telerik Test Studio
Running tests in Telerik Test studio
Challenges in Integration
Running tests in Visual Studio
Key Takeaways

Speaker Profiles