Installation Testing Services

Installation is user’s first interaction with an application or product and it is very important to validate that all installed features and options function properly. Today it is even more critical as there are different means to distribute the software such as physical CD/DVD format, over internet, from a network location, etc and need for multi-platform testing is expanding further.

The traditional method of software distribution is the physical CD/DVD format. Now, software can be installed over internet, from a network location or even it can be pushed to the end user’s machine directly from the cloud.

Indium’s distinctive capability will certainly enable you to deliver consistent functionality across your user base, minimize negative PR and improve sales.

Testing the application starting from the early stages of SDLC in view of usability helps to alleviate the biggest concern.

Installation Testing Services


Test the installation process across all combinations of browsers and desktop operating systems that your target audience uses

Test Automation

Overcome problems of performing installation testing under a very tight schedule


Real time validation of the application/product installation under various operating conditions


Application license code will be protected against cracking and conformance to hardware/software requirements while installing a software

We would help you to save a lot on cost, time and efforts by switching over to test automation services.


Will the application install/uninstall without slips? Can installation happen over a previous version? Will installation take place under all required operating conditions? Is applying the patch on the current version of the application a challenge?

Indium’s Value Proposition

  • Repeatability It is no longer an issue as these scripts can be run over and over again
  • Releases End users will be able to successfully install new releases in the future
  • Brand Image Prevent negative impacts to your brand and revenue streams
  • Support Reduce customer support overheads

We would help you to save a lot on cost, time and efforts by switching over to test automation services.

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